Pine Island Audubon Center
Meet our feathered friends.  And our scaly friends.  And our furry friends.
Our very important neighbor to the west is the Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary and Center encompassing 3,000 sweeping acres of pristine land operated by North Carolina Audubon.  The land is valuable to our winged friends in that it serves as popular stop in the Atlantic Flyway for migrating birds, and also for wintering waterfowl. Each spring, millions of migratory birds leave their winter nests and head north from Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America and return to North America.  A safe spot to stop is found in Pine Island.

Who lives, or passes through for a rest stop, at the Pine Island Audubon Center?

  • 175 bird species
  • 1/4 of climate threatened species in North America
  • A large number of birds on Audubon's priority species list threatened in terms of long-term survival
  • Small to large mammals, including raccoon,opossum, gray fox, river otter, rabbit, deer,  and even coyote and bob cat
  • Amphibians including many types of frogs and toads
  • Reptiles, including snakes, lizards, and even the chicken turtle

These species thrive in the various ecosystems in the sanctuary, ranging from tidal freshwater marshes, maritime evergreen forests, and stable barren dunes.

You can visit the Sanctuary and take a kayak trip, stroll through the nature trail, or even schedule a group visit or group retreat. Plan your visit here.